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New AdvoCare Distributor Training

Welcome to the AdvoCare Eagles Team!  This page is designed to help you lay the foundation for your AdvoCare business.
By following these simple steps, in order, you will be able to get your AdvoCare business on it's feet with ease.
Remember, your Sponsor and other upline Advisors work for YOU and will assist you in every phase of developing your business!

The goals of this training are to be (1) Comprehensive, (2) Sequential, and (3) Duplicatable

Step 1 - AdvoCare Enrollment & Setup

  1. Enrollment.  If referred by Brad & Sonja, Visit link to complete the quick registration (or activate a pre-paid distributor kit).  If you were referred here by another distributor, make sure to use your Sponsor's ID website to register & contact them for questions.

  2. AdvisorHow to Get to Advisor (video) Get to the Advisor Level as quickly as possible to maximize your discount level and earnings.

  3. QuickStart.  Download and follow the 1-Page AdvoCare Playbook for a fast start

Step 2 - Get On the Products

  1. Use What You Can Afford.  Recommended to take the 24-Day Challenge, or at minimum MNS, Spark, and Meal Replacement Shakes.

  2. Learn the Product Basics. Core Product Training (video)

  3. Product Story.  Develop your product story.  How to Package Your Story (video)

Step 3 - Planning

  1. Warm Market List.  Make a list of all the people you know. (Use Fast Track Training Form Above)

  2. Goal Setting.  Complete Retail Plan of Action (PDF) and Business Plan of Action (PDF) and give copy to your sponsor within 48 hours.

Step 4 - Get Products in People | Retailing

  1. Sample Products.  Share product samples (Spark, Slam, Meal Replacement) and ask for orders. Recruiting Tracker (PDF)

  2. Distributor Website. Promote online retail sales using your free distributor-linked AdvoCare microsite ( ID#). Upload your photo, story, and send your retail prospects to the page for ordering.  Custom domain registration with forwarding is recommended (see below)

  3. Bullet Proof ShieldUtilize the How to Handle Tough Questions & Objections( video) | Bullet Proof Shield (PDF) to effectively handle product objections.

Step 5 - Introduce the Business | Recruiting

  1. Sharing the Opportunity.  Follow the Introducing-the-AdvoCare-Opportunity.pdf process

  2. Opportunity Package.  Review the AdvoCare Opportunity Package (this document is also on the Opportunity page for new prospects to download)

  3. Impact Magazine.  Read and study the current IMPACT magazine, which will be a big part of your presentation arsenal.  You have to master the stories in order to utilize these tools effectively.

  4. Opportunity DVD.  Review and become familiar with the video clips contained in the DVD.  Make sure you have sets on hand.

  5. Business Presentation.  Download and review the Business Presentation (PDF | PowerPoint).  Print the PDF version and place the pages in plastic sheet protectors in a professional 3-ring binder.  Use this to augment the DVD and Impact magazine during appointments.

  6. Use Your Sponsor.  Put your Sponsor or other upline Advisors in front of your WML that you have sampled (on-the-job training for you)

    1. 2-on-1 appointments are most effective

    2. 3-way calls are effective when preceded by some type of exposure to the business via: Impact Magazine, DVD, online presentations or a business presentation webinar. (Download & View 3WayPhoneCall.pdf & Video)

    3. Webinars and online business presentations are crucial to use for your long distance contacts, and highly effective when promoted properly

  7. Team Opportunity Page.  Send your prospects to our AdvoCare Opportunity Page where they can view the opportunity videos and documents.  Follow-up with them afterwards.

Step 6 - Get Plugged In and Organized

  1. Calendar.  Plug into the team calendar.  Subscribe to this Google calendar to stay constantly updated of upcoming events.

  2. Quick DownloadsAdvoCare Lifeline (PDF) |  Things Every Distributor Should Know (PDF)

  3. Social Networking.  Connect with AdvoCare & Champion Seekers on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

  4. Microsite. Familiarize yourself with the online office, ordering system, and reports.

  5. Custom Domain. (Optional) Register an internet domain with forwarding to your microsite for easy self-marketing
    (ex. You will be able to use this domain in print and conversation for easier distribution.  Domain registration can be done at  Free forwarding can be easily setup to any page on your AdvoCare microsite.

  6. Success School.  Register for the next Success School online at Success School (video)

  7. Folder Setup.  Start organizing all the downloaded files for easy referencing and/or presentation.  Use a 3-ring binder or accordion file.

  8. Business Cards. Order from AdvoCare affiliate KodakInSite or other independent provider such as Vistaprint (ask sponsor for log in info)

  9. Need A Customized Website, Flyers, Newsletters, Etc.? Contact our daughter at CristalBusinessServices

Step 7 - Advanced & Continued Training

  1. Compensation Plan.

    1. Retail & Wholesale Commissions (video)

    2. Overrides (video)

    3. Leadership Bonuses (video)

    4. Pin Levels (video)

    5. Bonuses & Incentives (video)

    6. Download Compensation Plan (PDF) and review with your sponsor

  2. Other Key Videos

    1. 2-Minute Drill (video)

    2. How To Reach 3-Star Gold (video)

    3. Qualifying vs. Fully Qualified Advisors (video)

Before completing the following steps complete 2012 NEW Distributor Guide.pdf (Give to your sponsor within 24 hours)